Lost Immortals Ep 182 18.9.22 with Roy Stannard & Matt Staples on Mid Sussex Radio 103.8FM



Ep 182 Sun 18th 5-7pm

with Roy Stannard and Matthew Staples

on Mid Sussex Radio103.8FM


It’s an uphill race to the bottom

Soul and social commentary have always gone together.

Pouring water on a downing man and other songs underline the fact that tears are always inextricably linked to clowns and it may be another ride, another town, another window but may your kindness remain. We’re all human.

A show telepathically put together by listeners around the world.


Johnny Marr – Human (Fever Dreams Pts 1-4 2022)

The Pierces – This Charming Man (Through the Ages 2011 / Reworked – Songs from the John Lewis TV ads)

Chuck Berry – Let it Rock (Rockin’ at the Hops 1960)

The Rolling Stones – Let It Rock (Sticky Fingers Special edition 1971)

The Vibrators – Baby Baby (Pure Mania 1977)

Big Star – Watch the Sunrise (#1 Record 1972)

Be Bop Deluxe – Sister Seagull (Futurama 1975)

The Yellow Balloon – Baby I’m Yours (Yellow Balloon 1967)

Jay Bennett – Another Town, Another Ride, Another Window (Whatever Happened I Apologize, 2008)

Walter Jackson – It’s an Uphill Race to the Bottom (Speak Her Name 1966)

James Carr – Pouring Water on a Drowning Man (You Got My Mind Messed Up, 1967)

Manfred Mann – Ha Ha Said the Clown (Mighty Garvey!, 1968)

Charley Crockett – I’m Just A Clown (The Man from Waco, 2022)

The English Beat – Tears of a Clown (I Just Can’t Stop It, 1980)

Fred Again – Kahan (Last Year) (Actual Life 2, 2021)

Ramsay Lewis Trio – Uhuru (Another Voyage 1969)

Rocky Votolato – Evergreen (Wild Roots, 2022)

Bruce Cockburn – In the Falling Dark (In the Falling Dark, 1976)

Glass Ghost – Life is for the Living (Lyfe 2014)

Tony Molina – Look Inside Your Mind / Losing Touch (Kill the Lights, 2018)

Courtney Marie Andrews – May Your Kindness Remain (May Your Kindness Remain 2018)

Loyle Carner – Isle of Arran (Yesterday’s Gone 2017)

Tiffany Williams – All Those Days of Drinking Dust (All Those Days of Drinking Dust, 2022)

David Sea – Angel (You’re the Sunshine 1982)

Oliver Sim – GMT (Hideous Bastard 2022)

N*Grandjean – The First Picture (Rocknrolla Soundsystem Remix) (Carrying Stars, 2008) — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/roy-stannard/message


Published by Roy Stannard

I'm someone who doesn't like parameters, barriers or fences. I'll try and climb over them, burrow under them or just pretend they don't exist - until they don't. Sometimes I'll write about the mind in a poetic way, or poetry with neural undertones, or I'll proselytise endlessly about my favourite new band - or one of the old ones. My Blog will give you the keys to the kingdom. A kingdom with no borders, no expectations and, therefore, no failure.. Because I am endlessly empathetic with people, their motivation, their behaviour,their problems and their quest for knowledge, I work with the pioneering Brighton-based homeless, vulnerable women and disempowered school students charity Off The Fence Trust that has tried to redress the equality deficit for over two decades. I produce, host and promote two radio shows a week: The Whole Nine Yards Sundays 3-5pm on Burgess Hill Radio 103.8FM (www.burgesshillradio.co.uk/listenlive) - and Lost Immortals on Burgess Hill Radio 103.8FM on Sundays 5-7pm. If some thoughts have started gathering in your head too. If those thoughts are even more baby-like, then text this number 07803 269154. I'll call you.

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